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There is a wonderful tool at the disposal of the church today. A tool that reaches the lost for Jesus by tapping into modern culture and ministering to those who would be otherwise unreachable. This wonderful innovation also provides an invaluable outlet for the gifts of believers concerned and acts as a ministry tool edifying and entertaining Christians as it goes.


This tool is Christian rock. Known variously as C-rock and CCM amongst other things, this tool has been both widely accepted and widely rejected by differing Christian groups. Those who accept it concur with the above paragraph, those who disagree with the music argue that CCM is the Devil's music and have entire organisations set up to prove this conviction.


What follows here are some comments on why I believe that on the whole CCM is a valid tool to use for God today, and why I contend that it is NOT "the Devil's music".


'Idol Meat' principle


I would firstly invite a reading of Romans 14, followed by 1 Corinthians 8. From these I would like to draw a few things.


Þ  Some people DO have a genuine conviction against a particular style of music. It is only genuine if the style of music reminds them of their old life in the world and makes them want to return to it. They are the 'weaker brother'. They SHOULD abstain.


Þ  Christian Rockers, do NOT flaunt your liberty in front of the weaker brothers who have a conviction against CCM. In doing this you violate these scriptures and show a spiritual immaturity.


Þ  Anti- Christian rock people, if you have a conviction against Christian Rock, DON'T LISTEN TO IT!! In fact, the wise thing to do would be to exit this site and visit someone who agrees with you!!




One of the most unfortunate things in the church today are people who preach their own convictions as if they were incontestable scriptural facts. This is what many of C-Rock's critics do (as I will demonstrate) to prove their point, whereupon they demand we stop listening to the music.


One vital question we must ask ourselves regarding our convictions is whether they are binding just for us, or for everyone. We must be careful how we answer this because if our convictions are 'for everyone', then we need to add our own chapters to the Bible!


I was first introduced to the Christian rock debate about five or six years ago. I have found that on a superficial level, the arguments the critics put across is compelling, but upon deeper inspection there are some insidious secrets. Using half-truths, outright lies, faulty logic, and (when necessary) a torrent of abuse, they weasel around to their points. They insist also that we must use an out-dated mid-English Bible or else they won't talk to us. Many of the critics actually presume to judge the hearts and motives of anyone who listens to Christian rock. People who support CCM have been labelled heretics and many other unfair labels just because they don't hold the same convictions as the critics.


The critics will normally utilise a limited number of 'debating' techniques. These are:


Ø    Assuming the position as some sort of AUTHORITY in the area of music,


Ø    Whining about an unpleasant experience at a concert,


Ø    Talking down to and assuming superiority over the CCM supporters,


Ø    Closed-minded circular reasoning, "I say it's wrong, therefore it's wrong".


Ø    Bluffing, lack of integrity, and lies.


Ø    Verbal onslaughts,


Ø    Leaders who don't like the music.


These are the standard tools used by the mainstream Anti-CCM people.


This is only an introduction page but there is much more to come!! Under construction etc . . . . .but while you wait some great resources include: -








Have Fun!!



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