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Hows it Goin? This is Tom Lorimer and I'm here for you. You are VERY welcome to Righteous Victory People. This is the New Worldwide Virtual-Fellowship, bringing hope to potentially millions of souls to Glorify Jesus!


This is a fun, exciting, youthful, cool new Web-fellowsip. Our purposes are basically to make you bigger people in God. If you don't know Jesus you will get the opportunity to enter into a living relationship with Him. As the name of the Fellowship suggests,  we are a people concerned with having VICTORY in our day-to-day lives through our God who specializes in the impossible. We are WORLDWIDE on the net, so we transcend 'cultural barriers', and we are concerned about the growth of God's people.
This is a place where you can be ministered to, counseled, blessed, prayed for etc. in relative anonymity. Perhaps you have a problem and want prayer or advice?, All you have to do is email us and you will receive a reply.
One of the main purposes for our existance is to put the 'cool' into Christianity - and to introduce a zeal into people for more of God!
So come on in and be blessed!
If this site blesses you, please let me know by emailing me and telling me what you think. 

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God Rocks
God Rocks
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